What we Achieved

  • PALS features in Telangana Today

    Telangana Today in an interview with Mr. Phanidhar Palakoti, Founder CEO, PALS Global Solutions, covers a story on how KHETHINEXT supports agriculture and it can empower farmers. It explains how KHETHINEXT uses technology to obtain higher remuneration for over 30,000 farmers belonging to eight farmer producer organization across three states.

  • PALS signs MOU with ICRISAT

    PALS enters into partnership with ICRISAT to become part of its i-HUB (an ICT initiative by ICRISAT) to further bring innovation into our flagship product for farmers called 'KhethiNEXT' and collaborate to broaden the reach in supporting farming communities across India and other countries.

  • An Inspiring Start-up says Satya Nadella

    An Inspiring Start-up says Nadella! - We are now listed in Microsoft Accelerate India Website. Thanks to Satya Nadella – the CEO of Microsoft, who mentioned PALS as an inspiring start-up in his keynote speech during the event "Future Unleashed" held in Mumbai on 5th November 2015. That was a breath-taking moment, when he called out our name appreciating the innovation and entrepreneurship that we are bringing in. He spoke about one of our cloud based applications that addresses the needs of small farmers across India and how we are planning to spread it across Indonesia and Africa.

  • Helping Farmers across the globe with just a touch!

    Helping Farmers across the globe with just a touch! - A journey through the clients in Europe to helping farmers in Indonesia…This journey has been both interesting as well as challenging. A comprehensive Azure platform – VAS developed in technical collaboration with Food and Agri Business School (FABS) helps uneducated farmers to download a simple mobile app and easily operate it with just a click/touch! Whether it is pest-control, poor crop growth or buying seeds which is helping the farmers address their needs quickly.

  • Cloud Ke Baadshah

    Cloud Ke Baadshah - Microsoft calls us the "Cloud Ke Baadshah" during the Partner Summit, which is a wonderful achievement. Being the second runner up in this award winning contest, we have a distinct visibility among Microsoft and its partner community.

  • PALS' solution under Microsoft top-most stories!

    While talking about putting India on the Cloud, Microsoft comes up with stories from various businesses that have implemented Cloud for their technological transformation. PALS has developed Cloud solution which is helping more than 10,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh every day to maximize their production and profitability while minimizing cost. This Cloud solution helps them from crop planning to harvest along with the interactions with buyers. This solution is available in vernacular Indian languages that empowers the farmers with smart agriculture.

  • Serving Farmers on Cloud

    Virtual AGRI Services or VAS is a comprehensive Cloud Farming ERP solution built with lifecycle based approach to support farmers, right from crop planning to harvesting stage, and also in marketing their produce.

  • Nadella carves out three 'interlocking ambitions' for Microsoft

    As one of these ambitions, he cited the example of PALS Global Solutions, a Hyderabad-based start-up that has built an application which has a mobile front-end, runs on the cloud, and addresses the needs of small farmers across India.